Discover the latest KREON Tools of light CATALOGUE

The lighting industry is, just like any other industrial sector, driven by innovations that are based on common technological evolutions. Companies are therefore obliged to distinguish themselves more clearly and to create their own identity, that includes all the companies expressions both internally and externally.

The kreon brand has always stayed loyal to its basic principles, which represent a way of thinking that reduces each product to the essential components without compromise: beauty is not created by adding one more detail, it is conceived my removing the last

A few highlights of our new or upgraded lighting solutions:

kreon INTI

kreon inti is a fully recessed downlight with a refined patented* optical system.  kreon inti fixed downlight has a build in dome set above a black or white internal louvre. The faceted dome adds a scattering play of brilliance and creates a first layer of ambiance. kreon inti directional combines the dome effect of the downlight with a decentralized directional spotlight that has an angular adjustment of 30°.  The diffused light from the dome neutralizes the shadow of the directional spotlight in the light effect. The directional light creates the second layer of focused light.

The unique combination of a diffused downlight with a directional projector make kreon inti a two-in-one recessed ceiling luminaire.

Inti 80 directional inclined black shadowgap

kreon up

kreon up is a range of floor recessed up lighters characterised by its minimal appearance and optical functionality. The range is offered in three sizes in both square and circular forms, is finished with black or white backed toughened glass with satin stainless steel trim. LED modules are deep-set within the luminaires and are controlled by a choice of anti-glare louvres for precise uplighting, brightness limiting diffusers for ambient or orientation lighting and wall wash optics for vertical illuminance. The units are sealed to IP67 and have a die cast aluminium and stainless steel housing to provide protection from the harshest environments.


kreon stripe

kreon stripe 25 is a semi-recessed ceiling luminaire characterised by a compact volume hosting a single or double deepset downlight or a single wallwasher. kreon stripe 25 combines small rythmic pools of accent lighting with homogeneous wall washing light effects. The semi-recessed wallwasher can also be applied in the wall to use the luminaire as a ceiling or floor washer for corridor applications.


kreon side

The faceted reflectors in kreon side ensure a uniform asymmetrical beam without sharp edges or hotspots. They also provide a wash of light that, when mounted downward, can provide orientation through spaces, or, when mounted upward, produce a ceiling glow that effectively increases ambient levels within an interior.

A soft yet striking light beam and the steep bevel of the finishing louvre draws attention to the straight vertical back surface which can be finished in various materials according to the designer’s preference. kreon side, available in widths of 25, 40 and 80 mm can be merged perfectly into the architecture and combined with other kreon luminaires.


Download the kreon tools of light 3 catalogue and find out how our lighting solutions can bring your lighting plans to the next level!