Discover prologe 40. The newest addition to the kreon prologe family takes its name from Prologus in Antiphonarium, the medieval manifesto that revolutionized the way we notate and practice music today. In the same way, this minimalistic surface mounted light revolutionizes how light plays in a space.

Architectural light shaping your spaces

Prologe 40 shapes a room: it generates light within discrete, simple architectural volumes, acquiring mass, direction and depth. Prologe encapsulates its LED light source in a small surface-mounted box - made of steel and finished with white or black powder coating.

 Prologe 40

Kreon prologe 40: lighting architecture

With kreon prologe 40 you create functional light through the discreet presence of simple architectural volumes. The series offers you a wide flexibility for composing systematic yet highly individual light scenographies. In our lookbook you discover what prologe 40 does for a room.

Prologe 40

Light captured in a black box

Finished in black for a dramatic contrast or pure white to disappear in the surrounding architecture, kreon prologe 40 is a mounted downlight. Its sheer aluminum frame hosts a single or double deep set invisible LED source. Which one complements your interior design the best?

Interested? Download this brochure and discover the specific features and different types of  kreon prologe 40.