kreon oran's design is based on the mathematical and architectural principle of the golden ratio, also known as the plastic constant. The basic shapes that can be derived from the proportions of the number are the building blocks of this line of lighting fixtures. Designing from these balanced proportions and principles means working with spatial components.

For kreon, oran claims space and actively demands to be a part of it. The spaciousness of the product is reflected in the proportions, but also in the dimensions and materialization.



Borosilicate glass is featured in oran glass collection.  This is a high-quality technical glass with good light transmittance characteristics and suitable for reproduction. In the series there are nods to the glassware used in labs.  Accents in the glass have been sandblasted to obtain a beautiful diffuse light image.


Discover the collection’s ravishing details in our oran pendant glass brochure.