Combination of Linear and accent lighting

kagi means 'key' in Japanese, referring to the shape of a keyhole, which equals the shape of the profile, and mimics the key to a 3-dimensional world. 

kreon kagi is an innovative and extremely versatile patented® profile system combining linear and accent lighting. The basic 24V profile can be either recessed or surface mounted and can optionally be equipped with 16 mm or 26 mm diameter satinated continuous light tubes for a sustained soft light distribution. A junction allows a perpendicular, 90° tilted second level connection of the 24V profile. Round or square shaped spotlights and wallwashers can be added just by clamping them on the main profiles making kreon kagi an essential lighting tool that can be used as a graphic play of light or guide light.



a 3-dimensional 'tool of light'

The kreon kagi profile system has a spatial strength that wants to organise and connect the individual zones in modern architecture. It is an object of a pure construction without wanting to be visual ballast, constructed according to the principle of the straight line and the economic principle, i.e. maximum effect with a minimum of shape or material.       kreon kagi constructs compositions that are in direct dialogue with the space in which they are used and consists of connecting basic elements — 24V track — with simple round or square volumes and materials.

These formal 3-dimensional compositions, which are perceived as one whole, are always clearly constructed from individual and independent elements. The resulting object always has its own dynamics — formal and visual — in an architecture which, depending on the intended purpose, must be coordinated by the architect or lighting planner.

The kreon kagi system aims to be a guiding principle in the architecture and to provide an answer to the elementary solutions desired in a lighting plan. Kagi-rectangle_lores

  • type
    modular profile system / vertical (later) & horizontal, recessed, build-on & pendant (later)

  • features:
    24V track: DALI, 1-10V dimmable - connected via BLE . diameters 16mm and 26mm continuous linear light. blind profile for dark intermezzo’s. 2 levels crossing in rectangular connection piece. / round and square shaped spotlights round and square shaped decorative disks BLE controlled.

  • finishing:
    profile: black / spotlights: white and black / decorative alabaster disks.

  • optical:
    profile: satinated tube - silver bowl reflector upward or sideward. spotlights: micro faceted reflector.

  • optional:


The dynamic prerequisite


The accentuating of movements in the space

The floor plan of the architecture made the wall redundant and increasingly strives for the principle of open space divided only by functional requirements. The basic elements of the kreon kagi profile system not only fulfil the effective and necessary function of distributing voltage from a single point, with the ingenious addition of a linear luminaire, creating an element which the lighting planner can use to accentuate the linear attraction of the floor plan.



The rhythmic prerequisite


The accentuating of changing viewpoints in the space

Good architecture not only calculates with space but also with time. In its simplest form, it is filled in by the residents, who can give the same space an alternating visual aspect. kreon kagi allows the illumination of objects, functions or points of view by adding simple round or square light containers.

The static precondition

The accentuation of the separating surfaces that the architectural structure contains

By using wall-wash modules on well thought of locations, the lighting planner creates a surface that is illuminated and therefore attracts attention. By planning in vertical lighting, the lighting planner not only provides orientation in the space but also highlights the illuminated partition area.

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