Back in 2014, the world discovered kreon esprit: three different luminaires — free-standing, ceiling-mounted and pending —, all characterised by minimalistic, tubular lamp heads mounted on a slim rod. Today, on the eve of kreon esprit’s 10th anniversary, we present two new additions: a redesigned free-standing version and a brand-new desk light.


With these new luminaires, we stay true to the signature slim-lined rotatable lamp heads of the original kreon esprit design. They are available in standard black and white finishes, but we’ve added new metallic versions in gold, bronze or nickel-plated.


The newly designed kreon esprit desk lamp is the range’s little brother: small in size, but it offers the same performant luminaire head. The built-in touch-dim button makes it easy to adjust brightness: the lamp works perfectly as a desk light or for bedtime reading.
The new kreon esprit floor lamp has a round base, which doubles as a cable depot. The push-dim button is situated on top of the vertical rod to combine ease of use and design.


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